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  When it comes to teams, you have “People People” and “Project People.” “People People” are those who naturally are wired to communicate and connect with others, while “Project People” are those who are focused on the tasks at hand and geared toward getting things done. Many are a combination of both, but usually, one […]

Leading People and Projects

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  “Let’s stay focused. We’re expending too much sideways energy on this.” Sideways energy is a term commonly used to indicate a lack of focus and productivity. Some examples of sideways energy include the following: Unresolved issues Meetings that go nowhere Open-ended discussions with no determined action plans “Busyness” instead of productivity Unplanned time Misallocated […]

How Much is Sideways Energy Costing Your Organization?


  Disruptive is an interesting word. On the one hand, it means to cause disorder, chaos, problems, and trouble. On the other hand, it is defined as “innovative and groundbreaking.” These are polar-opposite definitions of the same word. Being disruptive is a necessary hallmark of leadership. Leaders don’t just follow the crowd; they lead it. […]

Disruptive Leadership


  You may not understand them. You may not even like working with them. In fact, they may downright aggravate you. But you need them. You need the people who are opposite of you. There is great value in the symbiotic relationship of introverts and extroverts. Extroverts tend to be the initiators and risk takers; […]

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