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This week, we said goodbye to one of the most influential men of our time, Zig Ziglar.  Technically, Zig was a salesman, but what he sold more than anything was success.   He gave people hope that if they set goals and worked hard enough using the proper tools, they could actually reach those goals. […]

Take The Tartar Sauce

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Often times when working with professionals who are more reserved there is a natural tendency to avoid connecting with strangers.  Those that are C and S Wired are more reserved than outgoing.  However, since introvert’s tendencies are to build deeper relationships and listen more than they talk and that is a real asset in networking. […]

Connection For Introverts


  It’s all over the press – the 2012 Presidential election, the debate over the debates, the discussion of issues.  Unless you’ve been exiled on a remote island somewhere, you have been exposed in some form or fashion to at least some of these discussions.   Well, I just decided that I’m going to announce […]

I’m Revealing Who I’m Voting For

Leadership In Action

We all want life to be easy, to think there’s a point where we “arrive” and life reaches a nice, peaceful plateau.   The reality is, there are those wonderful plateaus, but they are simply resting places along the way. We don’t get to stay there forever.  The major part of life is spent in […]

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