Take The Tartar Sauce

November 30, 2012

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This week, we said goodbye to one of the most influential men of our time, Zig Ziglar.  Technically, Zig was a salesman, but what he sold more than anything was success.


He gave people hope that if they set goals and worked hard enough using the proper tools, they could actually reach those goals.  He recognized that the foundation for success was inlaid with the blocks of discipline, vision, faith, integrity, and genuine relationships.  Zig was highly successful, not because he set out to win at all costs, but because he chose to help others win.


“You can have everything in life

that you want if you just give

enough other people

what they want.”  

― Zig Ziglar


As leaders, we must be the ones who see the vision, set the goals, and work to make them happen.  We have to lead the expedition to success in such a way that others start to see that it really is attainable.  Leaders need to carry the tartar sauce.


“I’m so optimistic I’d go after

Moby Dick in a row boat 

and take the tartar sauce with me.”

― Zig Ziglar


Join Guest Co-Host Denis Gianoutsos and yours truly on  Monday, December 3 on the Leadership Insight Show as we talk about how leaders like Zig impact the success of others.  It’s been said that everything rises and falls on leadership.  Leaders carry an awesome responsibility for the success of their team.  If this responsibility is met, everyone wins.


Zig made his mark on the world, but now that he’s gone,

it’s up to us

to carry the tartar sauce.

  1. Terissa Miller says:

    Up to us to carry the tartar sauce –
    I love that!

    The heavens must be rejoicing with Zig up there!