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  It was a major initiative, and the strengths of everyone were needed to make it happen. The idea stemmed from the marketing genius of a D/I wired leader – one of those individuals who can have an idea and move people to action on a massive scale. Backed by a team of talented systems- […]

What if the Real Obstacle to Your Team Was You?

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  The end of a year is a great time to evaluate – to reflect on the current year and finalize plans for the new year. It is also packed with other (personal and community) commitments. There is a way to carry the load and still make progress. It comes down to focusing on the […]

Year-end BASICS Checklist for Business


  Each person is endowed with a unique set of innate strengths. These strengths are gifts that, when applied to work and life, allow you to reach your full potential. Circumstances may change, and you may adapt somewhat, but you will always have those same core strengths. In our work with DISC profiling, we are […]

Team Effectiveness Comparison


  There is a natural and necessary intersection point in business, and it occurs at the juncture of speed and structure. On one side of the equation: “They’re not giving us enough time to build this well!” On the other: “This is taking way too long! We need to speed up the process.” But when […]

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