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Prior to 2020, launch-based marketing was a hot trend for businesses. Funnels were the rage. Social media ads had excellent return on investment for those who used them strategically. And the calls to “buy now” reached a near-frenzy stage. But a lot changed in 2020, as you may recall. And those changes resulted in a […]

The Other Kind of Marketing

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  Communication, on the surface, seems like a simple thing. Messages are delivered, and messages are received. This is great, except that humans are not machines, and between delivery and reception, there can be a gap. In a recent article published by The John Maxwell Company, this gap is called the “Intention/Perception Gap (I/P Gap).” […]

Bridging the Communication Gap


I was recently tasked to speak to an audience of coaches known for their leadership focus. You would think that the overall audience appeal would be for a speaker who was very direct and candid – to speak in bullet points and talk about results – in order to effectively drive the message home. But […]

How to Know Your Audience When Speaking

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