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Prior to 2020, launch-based marketing was a hot trend for businesses. Funnels were the rage. Social media ads had excellent return on investment for those who used them strategically. And the calls to “buy now” reached a near-frenzy stage. But a lot changed in 2020, as you may recall. And those changes resulted in a […]

The Other Kind of Marketing

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Habit #2 – Numbers-Focused “Things are looking better and better,” said the CEO, as even the least analytical in the crowd looked incredulously at the chart showing otherwise. Within two years, the company closed its doors for good. Over 16,000 people lost their jobs, including the CEO and the people in that room. Why did […]

12 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurs-Habit 2


“I’m not good at sales.” This is the lament of many who do not have a natural gift for persuasion. It is also an excuse for not selling. And yet, everyone has to “sell” something. Whether it is selling their team on a new idea, selling a prospective employer on why they are the best […]

Are You Asking the Wrong Question When It Comes to Sales?


  You are an entrepreneur. You start a business. It’s your “baby,” and you wrap your arms around it to hold it together and protect it. Marketing – you do it all. Sales – you close the deals. Finances – you manage the books. Delivery – you create the product or service, and you ship […]

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