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  Oftentimes, being a leader is not about having all the answers; it is about asking the right questions. This is especially important to remember as we face situations that are unprecedented. It should give leaders comfort to know that you do not need to have all the answers. In fact, given that it is […]

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

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  It is the buzzword of the season: RESOLUTION. If you Google it, you get 1,500,000,000 results. According to an article, these are the Top 10 resolutions. Diet or eat healthier (71%) Exercise more (65%) Lose weight (54%) Save more and spend less (32%) Learn a new skill or hobby (26%) Quit smoking (21%) […]

Results-Based Resolutions


This is the time of year when holiday madness begins to kick in.   Managers push their teams, sometimes to the brink of exhaustion and beyond, to reach year-end goals. Families push each other to create the perfect holiday experience. And we push ourselves toward unattainable expectations. And this ALL happens simultaneously in the month […]

I Wish You an Imperfect Holiday


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