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  December 2019 now seems like eons ago. Little did anyone know that it would represent the end of an era and usher in a period of revolutionary change across the world that continues to this day. It was during December 2019 that John Maxwell recorded a podcast where he shared his seven-step Year in […]

A 7-step Year in Review Process

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  My Texas friends have a saying. It is “big hat, no cattle.” It is a colorful way of describing someone who talks a big talk but has no real substance. Now while this is a great descriptor, it is not so great if it is being used to describe someone in a leadership position. […]

The 4 E’s of Leadership Growth


The word “curator” has a couple of interesting meanings. One on hand, the one we’re most familiar with, it is used to describe the person who cares for the artifacts in a museum. The museum curator carefully selects valuable pieces to showcase and share, and takes special care to protect that value. On the other […]

Curate Your Year

Business Success

It was the unsinkable ship.   The Titanic was bigger and stronger and more luxurious than any other ship that had ever sailed the seas.   And yet, we all know the tragic story – it DID sink. It hit an iceberg ,and it sank.   You would think, with it being the maiden voyage, […]

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