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It is nearly the end of a quarter. Some goals are completed. Others need a full-court press to reach the finish line. And still others need to be moved forward into a new quarter or tabled altogether. There is a natural chaos that occurs in the flurry to the finish. And there is the need […]

The Quarterly SHIFT Formula for Leaders

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  Think about the successes you have had in life. It is likely that two things occurred to get you there. One is that you had to do something hard or challenging first. And the second is that you didn’t give up. You went one more step. That’s what this podcast with my mentor, John […]

The Power of One More by Ed Mylett


  In his book Failing Forward, my mentor, John C. Maxwell, talks about the difference between average people and achieving people, and it is, in large part, their perception of and response to failure. This is a powerful thought. He does not say that high achievers don’t make mistakes. In fact, they may make more […]

Perception and Response to Failure


“The power is out!” In today’s modern world, this is not a term anyone wants to hear. We’ve all been there, in that moment when your mind must switch gears to determine what you CAN do without power. In most cases, especially in the workplace, the answer is, “Not much.” Power is so important, that, […]

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