The Quarterly SHIFT Formula for Leaders

June 11, 2024

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The Quarterly SHIFT Formula for Leaders

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It is nearly the end of a quarter. Some goals are completed. Others need a full-court press to reach the finish line. And still others need to be moved forward into a new quarter or tabled altogether.

There is a natural chaos that occurs in the flurry to the finish.

And there is the need to focus forward and set strategic plans for the next quarter and beyond.

This present point, where the past meets the future, is a quarterly shift.

It can feel a bit overwhelming at this point in the quarter, but, rest assured; this is normal for life and business.

How can you, as a leader, create a smooth quarterly SHIFT for yourself and your team?

Systematize the Process

Knowing that this cadence is normal, make note of the things you and your team need to finish by the end of this quarter and what you need to do to prepare for the next quarter and beyond. Writing these down helps you develop a framework for future shifts, and it provides focus for the current shift.

Your system may be a review of goals that you can do this quarter and repeat in the quarters that follow.

  • What goals have been completed?
  • What goals remain to be completed?
  • What goals need to move forward to another time?
  • What goals need to be jettisoned in lieu of new opportunities?

Harness the Power

Take a moment to review and celebrate with your team the goals that have been reached. Then, for the goals that must be completed by quarter-end, assess the needs, and assign your team to the areas of their highest strengths. This brings compounded power, as they will bring quality and speed to the work that is in their strengths zone. They will gain dynamic energy by being able to work with focus in their strengths zone, ensuring your team goes into the next quarter with good overall energy. When it is full-court press, positioning your players strategically creates the energy to power through to success.

Imagine the Possibilities

While the team is busy finishing the projects of the current quarter, you, as the leader, should be imagining the possibilities for the next quarter and beyond. This is not the time to overwhelm the team with your ideas, as many do. It is the time for you to reflect and consider what is possible.

Frame the Priority

From the well of possibilities, draw out the highest priority for the upcoming quarter. What one main initiative would move your company forward? Do you need to focus on marketing? Do you need to make projects that generate income your highest priority? Do you need to focus on hiring and increasing the size of your team as you prepare for future growth? Or do you need to focus on compliance, administration, or financials? While all these wheels must turn in a business daily, what one area do you want to pull forward for added focus in this next quarter? You can have some fun with this and develop a theme that your team can easily remember for the coming quarter.

Track the Progress

Once you have determined the priority for the next quarter, take some time to define “done.” What does the finished project or goal look like? What are the “good, better, best” results that define success? Then, what are the deadlines? What are the milestones? How will you, as a team, track progress? Who is accountable for each facet? Taking the time to not only cast a vision, but formulate a plan, is what creates a solid strategy for success.


Are you ready for the quarterly SHIFT?

Are you and your team on track to finish this quarter well? Are you preparing for a strong start to the next quarter?


Action Steps

  1. Systematize the Process – What is your process for your quarterly shift?
  2. Harness the Power – How do you position your team for success?
  3. Imagine the Possibilities – Are you thinking ahead for your team and your company? Brainstorm your ideas. Write each on an index card.
  4. Frame the Priority – Now sort your idea cards. Which form a theme – a priority – that your team can center on for the coming quarter?
  5. Track the Progress – How can you clearly define the priority, goals, and end results for your team? How will you establish accountability? What are your timelines? And, don’t forget, how will you celebrate the success with the team that makes it happen?


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Deb Ingino is a highly sought-after executive coach, mentor, consultant, and speaker worldwide. Deb is well versed in business operations and in the importance of asking key questions most business leaders won’t ask themselves. She brings deep experience in leadership development, strategy, high performance team building and effective communication. She has a passion for leading people to discover and maximize their strengths as well as those of fellow team members, while offering advanced strategies to achieve high performance. Deb is the perfect fit if you’re ready to take your leadership and impact to the next level!