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  This is the time of year when leaders are naturally in the mindset of reflection on the past year and anticipation of the next. Finishing the current year’s initiatives and goal setting for the coming year are top of mind for most business leaders. It’s also the time when vision should be revisited, first […]

The Heart and Mind of Vision

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  A recent article featured on the John Maxwell corporate leadership website asks a compelling question:  “Which is more important – your skill set or your mindset?” It is a challenging question until you consider whether there was ever a time when you had the skill set to take on a new opportunity, but your […]

Skill Set or Mindset – Which Matters Most?


  When it comes to leadership, it is not a matter of IF there will be challenges; it is a simple a matter of WHEN they will come…because they will, most definitely, come. But challenges are not always a bad thing. In fact, they can be opportunities for growth, improved communication, and, when overcome, a […]

Three-part Plan for Turning Challenge into Opportunity


  In my work as a corporate consultant, the number one issue of need identified by companies is employee engagement. Why is employee engagement so important? According to studies by the Dale Carnegie Institute and statistics from the Bureau of National Affairs and the Gallup organization, companies lose $11 billion a year due to employee […]

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