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  This article points out something unique about this time in history. It is that we now have five generations co-working in today’s workplace. This is an amazing testament to the marvels of modern medicine and the focus on health. It also presents an interesting challenge for leaders. Today’s leaders must be able to communicate […]

How to Create Your Generational “A” Team

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In previous articles, we have talked about strengths-based planning and strengths-based execution. In this article, we focus on strengths-based leadership. How is strengths-based leadership compared to other types of leadership? It is based on the idea that each person on your team is a leader in their own realm. The old model of the leader […]

Three Tenets of Strengths-Based Leadership

Leadership In Action

If you study the latest business trends, you will notice some major shifts taking place. Subject matter expertise is overriding the traditional sales pitch. Content marketing is gaining more results than direct advertising. Facebook and Twitter are giving traditional media a run for its money. Boutique stores and Amazon are taking over the merchandising sector […]

Six Major Shifts That Could Impact Your Business This Year


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