Six Major Shifts That Could Impact Your Business This Year

February 8, 2017

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If you study the latest business trends, you will notice some major shifts taking place.

  1. Subject matter expertise is overriding the traditional sales pitch.
  2. Content marketing is gaining more results than direct advertising.
  3. Facebook and Twitter are giving traditional media a run for its money.
  4. Boutique stores and Amazon are taking over the merchandising sector once dominated by brick and mortar stores.
  5. Specialized and highly customized services are outperforming one-size-fits-all generalized services.
  6. Millennials now outnumber Baby Boomers.

Technology and the information age are having a major impact on business.

Today’s consumers are knowledge-driven and tech savvy. They don’t want to be “sold to.” They want quality information, customized and personalized service, immediate answers, and immediate delivery.

Today’s workforce is shifting from the top down model to, in many cases, a team approach. There is greater emphasis on collaboration, and more dependence on both internal and external team members. Automation of systems is not just “nice to have.” It is now an essential.

Traditionally in business, the extroverts – the driven “D” wired leaders and the “I” wired sales professionals – have led. The introverts – the analytical “C” wired employees and the supportive “S” wired employees – played an important but background role.

Today, some of the most innovative, successful, and fastest growing companies are led by introverts.

As a leader in business today, your greatest investment may very well be in developing and training the introverts in your organization. They are those who intuitively understand technology. They possess the analytical ability required to hone in on marketing at the individual level now required. They are process oriented, and in a world where automation rules, they shine. They are the creatives who write the content and connect with customers in a substantive way.

This is not to say the extroverts are being replaced. There will always be a need for both. But there is a need to elevate the introverts to a place of leadership in many organizations.

Take a look at the leaders in your organization. Are you invested in diversity between the introverts and the extroverts? Having both types of leaders in an organization is a sign of strength – you have both the drive and the substance required to make it in today’s society.

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