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It has been said that if you want to grow yourself, grow a business. Few things will require you to know yourself and grow yourself more than this. In raising the lid of your strengths and going beyond your comfort zone, you will grow through the four levels of business leadership. What are the 4 […]

The 4 Levels of Business Leadership

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  In a recent John Maxwell Corporate Solutions podcast, they talked about Management by Walking Around (MBWA). It is essentially about the lost art of leaders walking slowly through the crowd and making meaningful connections, as John so often advises. In today’s society, in-person connections are more meaningful than ever. How can you make these […]

Leadership: Earning Your MBWA


  A trip to urgent care, an ambulance ride, and a stay in the hospital reveal the healing power of DISC in action. On the front end of the spectrum, you will find the D-wired individuals who are quick to assess, decide, and take action. Firefighters, ambulance drivers, triage medics, and emergency room personnel fall […]

Creating a Strong Team that Serves Well


My friend, Pierce Marrs, is an expert sales coach. Just about everyone who comes to him says they are not a salesperson – and are just not good at selling their product or service. He smiles and nods in an understanding way. As an ardent observer of people, he is apt to notice the person […]

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