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  You may not understand them. You may not even like working with them. In fact, they may downright aggravate you. But you need them. You need the people who are opposite of you. There is great value in the symbiotic relationship of introverts and extroverts. Extroverts tend to be the initiators and risk takers; […]

The Symbiotic Relationship of Introverts and Extroverts

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In a previous article, we talked about corporate culture as it relates to environment. Corporate culture is the atmosphere you sense in an organization, and it is different for each company. It is a blend of values, mission, attitudes, and actions within the organization. Frances Frei and Anne Morriss, in a Harvard Business Review article […]

3 Ways to Generate Energy for Corporate Growth

Leadership In Action

It was one of the most dreaded and fearful forces in the Star Trek world – the infamous Borg. The Borg was a collection of drones connected to a single mind. It grew at the rate it could assimilate the minds of other beings into “the collective,” and as it alluded, “resistance was futile.” Assimilation […]

5 Ways to Avoid the Borg Mentality in Your Organization

Leadership In Action

Several decades ago, there was a thriving business. The leadership team included a hard-liner and a lovable visionary – an unlikely but highly effective duo. They led a corporation through a dip and into a massive upturn, the visionary focused on growth and the hard-liner focused on cost containment. This resulted in a healthy expansion […]

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