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  He was uniquely talented – one of those people who could do everything he set his mind to. The problem was, he did. He wore nearly every hat in the business simultaneously. He was the ideal team member until there came a point where something had to give. Health, family, energy, passion: all started […]

Five Ways to Deal with “A” Player Burnout

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  Organization is important in any business. If you doubt its significance, consider that bankruptcy is often coupled with the concept of re-organization. It means something has become so “disorganized” or “out of balance” that it has impacted the viability of the company and must be “re-organized” for it to work again. No business leader […]

Checks and Balances in Business


It’s mid-afternoon. You’ve hit the mid-day slump. You leave your office in search of the shining beacon in the breakroom – the infamous vending machine. You anticipate a nice, cool bottle of water, with water droplets forming like the picture on the machine…or your favorite decadent candy bar, displayed in brightly colored alluring wrappers along […]

Is Your Team Out of Order?


If you study the latest business trends, you will notice some major shifts taking place. Subject matter expertise is overriding the traditional sales pitch. Content marketing is gaining more results than direct advertising. Facebook and Twitter are giving traditional media a run for its money. Boutique stores and Amazon are taking over the merchandising sector […]

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