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  In a recent podcast episode, John Maxwell made a statement that will make you pause and think. In fact, it made him pause and think, even though he is the one who said it. That statement is… “Success is for everyone.” But as he goes on to explain what success really is, you will […]

Successful Leadership Means Taking Someone with You

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  As leaders, there are four very important questions we should ask ourselves regularly. These same four questions are also ones you can use to help identify potential leaders in your organization. What are these four questions? According to John Maxwell, these are the questions. Are you grounded? Are you growing? Are you grateful? Are […]

The Four Tenets of Solid Leadership


  My Texas friends have a saying. It is “big hat, no cattle.” It is a colorful way of describing someone who talks a big talk but has no real substance. Now while this is a great descriptor, it is not so great if it is being used to describe someone in a leadership position. […]

The 4 E’s of Leadership Growth


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