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  In recent years, some major shifts have occurred in the workplace. Baby Boomers, once the largest working demographic, are now outnumbered by Millennials. The standard top-down hierarchy has become more collaborative, with leaders at all levels. And even the location and means of work have shifted from rigidly structured to highly flexible. With people […]

Four Generations in the Workplace

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  There is a hallmark of highly influential leadership. It is one many miss, perhaps until they have decades of experience and, for some, not even then. It is the realization that leadership is not about the leader. It is about the people they lead. There is a lifetime of wisdom in this video with […]

Are You Directing or Connecting?


  “A great team is one on which everyone agrees, and there is never any conflict.” This is not a statement you will likely hear, though many leaders wish it were true and perhaps (in denial) act as if it were. But here’s the point. Every person is different, with diverse backgrounds, strengths, skills, experience, […]

Using Conflict as a Leadership Tool for Business


My mentor, John Maxwell, has been doing something since January 1 that you might want to try as well. He has been walking a mile a day, with the determined intent of using that time to focus on values that transform. In this post, he talks about the importance of teachability and humility. These go […]

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