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  Let’s be real. We are facing enormous challenges, massive changes, and sudden shifts in every area of life – personal, professional, and societal. No area is untouched, and where we were just three weeks ago is so very different from where we are today. While we leaders are adept at change, and often the […]

Leading Through Crisis – Three Steps to Stabilize

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  Numerous studies have cited the health benefits of strong relationships. In one study of 309,000 people, it was determined that “lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50%.” Where the focus is normally on healthy physical habits, diet, and exercise, this study underscores the even greater need […]

Mentoring Today’s Workforce


  At the root of many disagreements and arguments is a simple point of miscommunication or non-communication. Think about it. Have you ever had a project delayed because, somewhere along the line, a deadline, update, or issue was not conveyed or discussed? Have you ever seen a couple argue because one person thought the other […]

Three Ways to Improve Communication


  Complementary. It is an interesting word that encompasses the idea of combining different elements into one complete, cohesive, and comprehensive package. In music, it is discordant sounds played together in such a way as to create harmony. In science, it is elements combined to create a unique and distinct new element. And in the […]

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