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  It was a major initiative, and the strengths of everyone were needed to make it happen. The idea stemmed from the marketing genius of a D/I wired leader – one of those individuals who can have an idea and move people to action on a massive scale. Backed by a team of talented systems- […]

What if the Real Obstacle to Your Team Was You?

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Why is employee engagement a major issue for today’s corporations? And what is the solution? It may be as simple as this: “If I feel valued, inspired, and empowered, I have everything I need to be a fully engaged member of the team.” – John C. Maxwell Do you trust your team enough to empower […]

How to Increase Employee Engagement


  “Let’s stay focused. We’re expending too much sideways energy on this.” Sideways energy is a term commonly used to indicate a lack of focus and productivity. Some examples of sideways energy include the following: Unresolved issues Meetings that go nowhere Open-ended discussions with no determined action plans “Busyness” instead of productivity Unplanned time Misallocated […]

How Much is Sideways Energy Costing Your Organization?


  It is a business model that is not supposed to work. In 2016, it only had 1,950 locations versus its main competition, which had 14,000 locations. In an era of 24/7, 365-day-a-year operations across a multitude of industries, it is closed one day a week, resulting in an estimated loss of over $1 billion […]

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