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  In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, Mark Cole interviewed Tim Elmore on his book A New Kind of Diversity. It was an enlightening discussion and one that every leader should listen to and study further. As Tim notes, “We’re living at a time, for the first time in modern history, where there are seven […]

Generational Leadership

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  118 elements. This is the number of elements currently recognized as the building blocks of the universe. From the air we breathe to the soil we walk upon (and everything in between), everything is formed from these few basic elements. In fact, a core group of these elements comprises us as human beings, and […]

The Periodic Table of Business


In a well-balanced workplace, there is diversity of strengths. There are D-wired individuals who are drivers. They move swiftly, speak directly and in short sentences, and often use action words. Their focus is on results. There are I-wired individuals who also move fast, but different from their D-wired counterparts, their focus is usually on fun, […]

Three Ways to Create a Team that Plays Well


Let’s suppose there are two teams. One team is highly focused on the goal, and they work together with that goal in mind. While each individual has unique and diverse strengths, they collaborate well on initiatives, each contributing their respective talents to the projects at hand. The other team has ambiguous goals, and on most […]

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