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“What do the three graphs mean?” This is a question we receive often from our DISC profile clients. DISC is an assessment of a person’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides a great and very accurate resource for helping people learn best practices for communication with different styles, how to establish an environment where they and […]

What do the Three Graphs Mean?

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  Business leaders like to think about expansion – more products, programs, events, facilities, operations, people, and ideas. It is often about more, more, more. This is especially true after a downturn. There is a natural tendency to overcompensate. But if all you and your team do is expand, it could have disastrous consequences, including […]

Business Expansion and Contraction


 It is a time when many are looking to re-enter the workplace. Some will return to business as usual; but some may not. No doubt, over the last several weeks, you have taken time to reflect on what you do and how you do what you do. Maybe the work you were doing, you […]

Success is Dependent Upon Degree


  Communications were, at best, unclear. Often, they were non-existent. Consequently, balls were being dropped across the board. The term “ASAP” was part of every email, with otherwise dedicated team members being frustrated by not being able to manage expectations because they didn’t even know what the expectations were. The team was under constant pressure […]

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