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 It is a time when many are looking to re-enter the workplace. Some will return to business as usual; but some may not. No doubt, over the last several weeks, you have taken time to reflect on what you do and how you do what you do. Maybe the work you were doing, you […]

Success is Dependent Upon Degree

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  “This ________ is draining me! I can’t wait for my vacation!” “I don’t like dealing with _____.” “I find it annoying when my teammate ________.” “When I _________, time just flies! I worked right through lunch without realizing it.” “My favorite part of my work is _________.” “When my team and I ________, we […]

Three Important Signs for Leaders


  Today’s leaders move fast. The combination of business, technology, and worldwide competition makes it essential for success. Speed reigns when responding to requests for proposals, jumping on new opportunities, and completing projects in a timely manner. But speed can also be a major liability if it means important details are overlooked – or worse, […]

Leadership Shortcuts


  This is first in a series on how your personality can work for you – or against you – in business. The series is based on the DISC profile assessment, which defines us in some combination of D (Direct), I (Social), S (Systematic), and C (Detailed). DISC profiles are a valuable tool, and I […]

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