D’s in Business

August 4, 2015

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This is first in a series on how your personality can work for you – or against you – in business. The series is based on the DISC profile assessment, which defines us in some combination of D (Direct), I (Social), S (Systematic), and C (Detailed). DISC profiles are a valuable tool, and I urge you to click here to learn more about how it can help you and your team get the best results possible in your business.

“D’s” in business are easy to spot, simply because they are usually at the front of the line, on the stage, or leading the charge. Leadership comes easy for a “D”, and others readily look to them in times of crisis. “D’s” have an innate ability to quickly assess a situation and determine a high-level plan of action. As such, “D’s” get results…not by doing the work themselves, but by directing the team who does.

As a “D-wired” leader, you must concentrate on the big picture and help others see the vision you see for your company – because, chances are, they may not see as far ahead of the curve as you.

These are the strengths.

Now the downside to being a “D” is that you may come across as being callous. You will have to make a conscious effort to connect with your team and listen to them.

If you are a “D-I”, leading a team comes easily to you, but you can easily overwhelm your team with ideas and goals if you are not careful. State your goals in measured doses, and give your team time to process your ideas. They will have questions (because thinking through details is not your forte, but it is theirs). Listen and find answers to those questions, and you have a bullet-proof plan that will get done. Ignore your team’s input, and things will get done, but you will have issues because some level of critical detail will be missed.

If you are a “D-S”, you may find yourself trying to micromanage the processes in your business. This particular combination, by virtue of its polarity, may result in your being an ineffective leader unless you train yourself to direct the process from a big picture angle, and allow your more “S-wired” team members to create the more detailed process and carry it out. My advice to you is simply this: focus on the top level of your business and oversee the process. But leave the creation of the process and the execution to your team.

If you are “D-C”, you could be viewed as demanding and controlling. You may be viewed as a micromanager. The key for you is to surround yourself with a quality team and then learn to trust that they can do the job as good as you can…and sometimes better. Use your “D” to direct and your “C” to lead on quality issues.

To learn more about using your strengths to create a path to success for you and your team, click here or contact me. Helping you succeed in your strengths is my absolute passion!