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There is wisdom in the adage of “counting to ten when you’re angry.” In our Maxwell DISC reports, there are three charts. There is your perceived self, your public self, and yourself under stress. While you are inherently who you are, these charts indicate how you may be adapting to your environment and circumstances. While, […]

Counting to 10 – Communication Under Stress

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Change Fatigue The company was facing challenges, so the leadership team decided change was needed. They would implement a new operating system across the entire company, which included multiple locations around the world. It would affect tens of thousands of employees and millions of customers. They would consolidate several office buildings into one new and […]

The High Cost of Change Fatigue


  There is something every leader will face sooner or later…and probably sooner than later. That something is resistance. What can you do when your team resists change, doesn’t want to get involved, or holds their ground when they should be moving forward? In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, John Maxwell talked about six of […]

Six Ways to Handle Resistance


  As a leader, you are a change activator. In your necessary quest to improve, grow, and strengthen an organization, you will frequently find the need for change. But what if your team is resistant to change? This is when you must become a change activator. How you do this comes not from edicts from […]

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