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Habit #2 – Numbers-Focused “Things are looking better and better,” said the CEO, as even the least analytical in the crowd looked incredulously at the chart showing otherwise. Within two years, the company closed its doors for good. Over 16,000 people lost their jobs, including the CEO and the people in that room. Why did […]

12 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurs-Habit 2

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  Relationships are often illustrated as circles. There may be your “inner circle” of friends, family, supporters, and advisors, and those outside your core inner circle who are part of a bigger community. There are also those you collaborate with on a daily basis who, together, provide a cycle of growth and productivity: you as […]

How Do You Grow Your Circle of Influence?


  There’s a special fire-fighting force called “Hotshots.” Their job is to go into areas and launch an offense against an impeding fire line. This requires enormous strength, skill, stamina, and sacrifice. Hotshots work to build a line the fire can’t cross – by digging down into the soil to remove all possible fuel sources […]

Three Valuable Opposing Forces


  At the root of many disagreements and arguments is a simple point of miscommunication or non-communication. Think about it. Have you ever had a project delayed because, somewhere along the line, a deadline, update, or issue was not conveyed or discussed? Have you ever seen a couple argue because one person thought the other […]

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