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There is wisdom in the adage of “counting to ten when you’re angry.” In our Maxwell DISC reports, there are three charts. There is your perceived self, your public self, and yourself under stress. While you are inherently who you are, these charts indicate how you may be adapting to your environment and circumstances. While, […]

Counting to 10 – Communication Under Stress

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Humans are built for connectivity. No one person knows everything or can do everything, and those who attempt to prove otherwise often do so at their own peril. While this may seem to be a shortcoming, it is actually a gift. The interaction that comes from teamwork helps each individual become stronger and experience greater […]

The Superpowers of a Team


There are many titles that fall within the C-level of an organization – Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer, for example. But there is one often-overlooked but important title that applies to all leaders: it is the title of Chief Motivation Officer. As a leader, it is your job […]

How to be an Effective Chief Motivation Officer


In a previous article, we talked about the importance of working in your strengths – of being true to who you are in all that you do – and what happens if you are not. We have also talked about looking for the leadership gems within your organization. What do these leadership gems operating in […]

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