The 4 Types of Leaders Your Team Needs

December 13, 2017

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The 4 Types of Leaders Your Team Needs

In a previous article, we talked about the importance of working in your strengths – of being true to who you are in all that you do – and what happens if you are not.

We have also talked about looking for the leadership gems within your organization.

What do these leadership gems operating in their true strengths bring to your team?

While many believe that only certain strengths are suited for leadership, the good news is, there’s room on the leadership team for all strengths. In fact, it is highly advised to have a varied mix of strengths on your team. While you may enjoy those who are most like you or who agree with all you want to do, you also need the strengths of collaboration and even opposition. This creates balance.

Here are four types of leadership strengths to look for in your organization.

(For more information on Strength Leader profiles, click here.)

  1. The Driven Leader

In the Strength Leader profiles, these would be classified as “D” type leaders.

They are the take-charge, get it done, find a way, and “don’t take no for an answer” types of leaders. Where there is indecision, the driven leader will break the logjam. Where there is inaction, the driven leader will create swift action. Where there is a major issue, the driven leader will spearhead the resolution. And where there is confusion, the driven leader will swiftly focus to clarity.

Every team needs a Driver. Their strengths are in cutting to the chase and getting results.

  1. The Visionary Leader

In the Strength Leader profiles, these would be classified as the “I” type leaders.

Every leadership team needs a visionary – those creative, “see ahead of the curve” idea leaders. These leaders have a gift for seeing possibilities and for inspiring and influencing others. Where there is a box, they will think outside of it. Where there is stagnation, they will bring fresh ideas. Where there is apathy, they will spark motivation.

Every team needs a Visionary. Their strengths are in creativity, influence, ideas, and inspiration.

  1. The Systematic Leader

In the Strength Leader profiles, these would be classified as the “S” type leaders.

Of all the strengths types, these are often the most overlooked for positions of leadership. They are usually soft-spoken, pleasant, easy-going, yet highly efficient. Where the D-wired leader leads in taking action, the S-wired leader ensures the details of the action are completed. In a leadership position, an S-wired leader will shine when given the opportunity to create processes, systems, or solutions to problems. Where there are details, they will address them. Where there is chaos, they will create order. Where there is no plan, they will create one. Where there is a need, they will fill it.

Every team needs a Systematizer. Their strengths are in creating systems, organization, and efficient operations.

  1. The Authoritative Leader

In the Strength Leader profiles, these would be classified as the “C” type leaders.

These leaders are characterized by a quiet boldness, stillness, and depth. They may not say much, but when they do, you can be sure it will be worth listening to. In their work, they are highly focused. They like to be their own authority. Where there is a need for quality, they create and enforce exacting standards. Where there is a need for compliance, they can quote the SOP. Where there is a need for analysis, they will see things others miss. Where there is a need for research, they leave no stone unturned. Where there is a complex problem, they will find a solution. And where there is a need for discernment, they will provide invaluable insight.

Every team needs a Respected Authority. Their strengths are in depth of thought, quality, analysis, and solutions.

Take a look at your leadership team – and at others within your organization. Do you see all four types of leaders? Are you invested in their growth and develop to ensure their strengths are maximized for your organization?

As the CEO of Strength Leader Development, Deb Ingino is a highly sought-after international executive mentor, coach, trainer and speaker. Deb is well versed in global business operations and helps business leaders and their teams to discover and leverage their strengths, so they can create highly collaborative teams that deliver great results. With a refreshingly direct style, Deb helps leaders and their teams to deliver profitable results. Connect with Deb to learn more about her mentorship and coaching programs to equip you with advanced strategies to elevate your results.

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