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  In recent years, some major shifts have occurred in the workplace. Baby Boomers, once the largest working demographic, are now outnumbered by Millennials. The standard top-down hierarchy has become more collaborative, with leaders at all levels. And even the location and means of work have shifted from rigidly structured to highly flexible. With people […]

Four Generations in the Workplace

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Recently, I, Deb Ingino, a dyed-in-the-wool New York native who says things like “Lon-GUY-Land”, dared to go where few of my species would ever venture to explore. I attended the Grand Ole Opry. And here’s the part that still has my family staring at me as if they have just seen a UFO…I actually enjoyed […]

The Lesson I Learned from the Grand Ole Opry

Leadership In Action

In previous articles, we have talked about strengths-based planning and strengths-based execution. In this article, we focus on strengths-based leadership. How is strengths-based leadership compared to other types of leadership? It is based on the idea that each person on your team is a leader in their own realm. The old model of the leader […]

Three Tenets of Strengths-Based Leadership

Leadership In Action

The Generation Gap. It has existed since people have existed. With the advent of technology, however, the gap has widened considerably between the “Baby Boomers” (the established leaders in today’s business world) and the “Millennials” (the next generation of business leaders). Technology has changed not only how we work, but how we communicate, how we […]

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