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There are several key traits leaders must have, and one at the top of the list is resilience. Resilience is the ability to weather adversity and bounce back quickly. This is not easy, but, for leaders, it is a necessary skill to cultivate. As a leader, your team depends on you to lead them through […]


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Over decades of service as a leader and in working with and studying under the mentorship of some of the greatest leaders of our time, I have noticed nine tenets of leadership. Here are those tenets. Life brings both comfort and adversity. You learn the most from adversity. If you were to chart your life, […]

Nine Leadership Tenets for Personal and Professional Effectiveness


We’ve been talking about strong teams and collaboration in the workplace, but there’s a much greater display of collaboration and strength going on live in the state of Texas right now. It continues to amaze me how people with a common goal come together. When the need is great, strengths kick in, and what you […]

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