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August 30, 2017

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I'm Deb- CEO, worldwide executive coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. I'm here to help you take your leadership and impact to the next level!

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We’ve been talking about strong teams and collaboration in the workplace, but there’s a much greater display of collaboration and strength going on live in the state of Texas right now.

It continues to amaze me how people with a common goal come together. When the need is great, strengths kick in, and what you were meant to do…you do.

  • If you are rescue personnel, you bring your rescue gear.
  • If you are a police officer, you put your life on the line to serve and protect.
  • If you are a dump truck driver, you drive your dump truck to pick up people.
  • If you are an avid outdoorsman, you bring your boat to rescue people and pets.
  • If you are a helicopter pilot, you use your skills to lift people out of flood waters.
  • If you are a medical professional, you attend to medical needs.
  • If you are a volunteer, you serve food and provide blankets.
  • If you are a hospital employee, you risk your life to ensure that people are evacuated from the flooding hospital.
  • If you are an administrator, you help with insurance filings.
  • If you are an advocate, you fight for those who need help.
  • If you are a leader, you pull together teams and resources to solve problems.
  • If you are a nurturer, you offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

The fact is, there is a need for everyone to bring their strengths to the table in this formidable equation. The need is great. The strengths and resolve are greater.

Here’s how you can help…as well as benefit.

As you’ve seen in the news reports, the massive collaboration effort in the midst of the storm has resulted in an amazingly organized effort that has rescued thousands of individuals. There are valuable lessons to be learned from this collaboration at all levels.

I am inviting you to join me for a free webinar on The 5 Ways to Bring Collaboration to the Chaos in Your Business. In this webinar, we will talk about some of these lessons and how you can engage them in your daily life and business. The webinar will be held on Thursday, August 31 at 8:00 p.m. ET. If you’re experiencing chaos in any part of your business, collaboration could very well be the key you need to get things in order and get more done.

And here is an even better reason to join the call…

I have decided to make a donation to the Red Cross on behalf of every webinar participant. Just by showing up on the call, you can make a difference. As we learn how to collaborate to get more done – we will also be helping the Red Cross expand their efforts and do more as well.

Please take a moment, CLICK HERE to sign up for the webinar…then share this page with friends and colleagues.

Let’s collaborate together to help those in need!