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It’s no secret. Today’s society is facing distraction at every turn. There are books about it and diagnoses for it, and yet it is still on an exponential rise. People who used to be avid readers find it hard to read for more than just a few short minutes at a time. Focus work – […]

Dealing with Distraction

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  In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, Mark Cole interviewed Tim Elmore on his book A New Kind of Diversity. It was an enlightening discussion and one that every leader should listen to and study further. As Tim notes, “We’re living at a time, for the first time in modern history, where there are seven […]

Generational Leadership


  When it comes to leading people, there will be challenges. But those challenges often come because we don’t understand the other person. We don’t understand how they think and work or how they are motivated. And if they don’t think and work like we do, it can be frustrating. Applying our own methods of […]

The Big Five Keys for Dealing with Difficult People


  In 2020, a pandemic occurred that continues to affect the world to this day. In 2021, a phenomenon followed. It is known as “The Great Resignation.” Over four million employees quit their jobs. The reasons vary; but, to a large degree, they reflect the fear and burnout from the pandemic, and they represent a […]

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