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As a society, we are asking, perhaps more than ever, “How can we get more done, in less time, and with fewer and fewer resources?” Even with the advent of AI, humans still feel the pressure of doing more and yet knowing it is never quite “enough.” There are times when asking that question is […]

Leadership Recovery Zones

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  Numerous studies have cited the health benefits of strong relationships. In one study of 309,000 people, it was determined that “lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50%.” Where the focus is normally on healthy physical habits, diet, and exercise, this study underscores the even greater need […]

Mentoring Today’s Workforce


  In yesterday’s workplace, you put in your time, did what you were told, and learned not to ask questions. Today’s workplace is a different world. You are expected to ask questions and provide input, to respectfully challenge old concepts and offer new ideas. It is a culture of collaboration, with leadership expected at all […]

Four Ways to Create a Results-Based Workforce


  If you pay even a modicum of attention to current employment trends, you can’t miss the winds of change in today’s workforce. Some are great; and some present new and interesting challenges. The standardized 9 to 5 model with weekends off is being replaced by modified – and often broader – hours to accommodate […]

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