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  He was a gifted entrepreneur with a thriving business and a growing team. At least, that is how it appeared to outsiders who saw the frequent posts for hiring. But behind the curtain lived a dirty little secret: his turnover rate was 100% per year! His name? Micromanager. When people would leave, Micromanager would […]

The Micromanager

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  In a recent John Maxwell Leadership podcast, John talks about five factors that determine how far a leader can take their people. Here’s a hint: A leader cannot lead people to a higher level than the leader is willing to go. John mentions five areas where a leader must set the standard. Leadership skills […]

Five Areas Where a Leader Must Set the Standard


Did you know that people you meet are asking three internal questions? Your team members are asking the same questions as they consider buying in to your ideas and following your leadership. Those three questions, according to John Maxwell, are the following: Can you HELP me? Do you CARE about me? Can I TRUST you? […]

Learning the Language of Appreciation


  The key to any relationship, professional or personal, is trust. While trust is something you give, it is also something you must cultivate with others. How do you establish trustability as a leader? Trustability is earned by the steady application of other abilities, some of which are listed below. These are the building blocks […]

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