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He was a best-selling author, living an enviable life of travel and adventure as part of his fulfilling vocation. He got married and became the father of twin girls. Shortly thereafter, in his early forties, Bruce Feiler experienced what he came to call a “lifequake.” He was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer and […]

Leading through Challenge

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  “Why are you leaving? You have played such an important role on our team.” This conversation is indicative of a leader with a blind spot. How is it that highly qualified and productive team members leave organizations? It is very often not about the money or the position to which they are moving. It […]

Are You an Inclusive Leader or an Exclusive Leader?


  Collaboration is a word that literally means “the act of laboring together.” It is a buzzword of this era. Yet, with all its focus, it is still one of the greatest challenges leaders face in the workplace today. “My team can’t seem to get along.” “I have a team member who is constantly causing […]

Hiring Individuals but Developing Teams


  It is a business model that is not supposed to work. In 2016, it only had 1,950 locations versus its main competition, which had 14,000 locations. In an era of 24/7, 365-day-a-year operations across a multitude of industries, it is closed one day a week, resulting in an estimated loss of over $1 billion […]

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