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  Some people are naturally gifted with the power of persuasion. You can spot them easily in a crowd. They are usually surrounded by a group of people listening intently to what they are saying. They suggest an action, and people naturally follow through with them to carry it out. Leading people to action comes […]

How You Can Learn to be an Influential Leader

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    It is that time of year when we find ourselves naturally looking in two directions: backwards and forwards. This is a healthy perspective. Think about where you were last year versus where you are this year. What have you accomplished toward the goals you set? Even if you have made minimal progress, celebrate […]

Looking Back and Moving Forward


  It is a compelling question: Are You a “From” or a “For” Kind of Leader? This was the title of a recent Corporate Solutions blog on, and it is compelling, indeed. It is a tough question we as leaders must ask ourselves: Are we expecting things FROM our team, or are we focused […]

Two-word Perspective on Leadership


  It has been said that you can tell a lot about a person based on how they interact with different people. This is why I have great respect for my friend and mentor, John C. Maxwell. He is known for saying, “My name is John, and I am your friend.” There is no pretense, […]

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