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They are some of the most well-known innovators of our time: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos. They are also the founders and leaders of some of the world’s most highly successful companies. But the fact is, each of them started out just like the rest of us. They were born human, […]

Strengths to Legacy-8 Key Factors

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Over the past several decades, and with more women taking places in leadership positions, an interesting and added facet of business has taken hold. It is the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ). Essentially, it is the idea of bringing both head AND heart to business – logic and a level of intuition when it comes […]

Five Key Elements of the Intelligence Equation

Leadership In Action

Several decades ago, there was a thriving business. The leadership team included a hard-liner and a lovable visionary – an unlikely but highly effective duo. They led a corporation through a dip and into a massive upturn, the visionary focused on growth and the hard-liner focused on cost containment. This resulted in a healthy expansion […]

How are the Checks and Balances on Your Team?


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