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  Somewhere in the world, a customer or client is wondering… Is anyone ever going to call me back? Has my order shipped? When is the (service provider) coming? All these questions boil down to one thing: “Does anyone care enough to own my issue and help me address it?” In a world of artificial […]

Seven Leadership Abilities

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  “The travel budget is $6.5 million a year. We’d like for you to find a way to save 10%.” That was the mission. The travel manager went on to bring the budget down to $2.5 million – and all this at a time when travel was at an all-time company high point. Higher volume, […]

Good Negotiations Create Good Business


Let’s suppose there are two teams. One team is highly focused on the goal, and they work together with that goal in mind. While each individual has unique and diverse strengths, they collaborate well on initiatives, each contributing their respective talents to the projects at hand. The other team has ambiguous goals, and on most […]

How to Turn Around a Dysfunctional Team


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