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Many people can point to influential teachers who had a significant impact on their lives and the direction of their careers. From early childhood through college, teachers have the ability to help students learn and to establish good habits that will serve them well beyond the classroom. But does learning end when a career begins? […]

Teaching Lessons for Leaders

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  In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, they told a story about an up-and-coming speaker who asked John Maxwell what he was thinking about prior to going on stage. Was it his presentation? Was it his appearance? Was he concerned about what the audience may think of him? John’s answer astonished his young friend. When […]

Focus of Great Leaders


  “I’m not good at reading like my brother is,” lamented David. “And I don’t like math,” said his brother, Kevin. There they were, two students from the same family, each with strengths and self-proclaimed weaknesses. How is it that, by the end of the year, David had read the most books and Kevin loved […]

Leaders as Teachers and Coaches


Life has always been complex. Today, especially, we are dealing with unique challenges that bring new and unfamiliar complexities. Some are difficult life and death issues. Others are mere annoyances. My mentor, John Maxwell, says, “What we focus on expands.” That has been true for me and other leaders I have spoken to recently.  It […]

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