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Today’s headlines are indicative of the rapidly changing world in which we live. Someone posted a meme along the lines of, “Could we have just one day without a world-changing event?” That sums it up well. People at all levels are affected by the overwhelm and the sense that things are out of their normal […]

The Leadership CONTROL Formula

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Being an effective leader is very much about maintaining strong relationships. In previous articles in this mini-series, we have discussed four key relationships for leaders. Your relationship to yourself. Your relationship to your team. Your relationship to your clients and customers. Your relationship to your environment. In this final article in the series, we will […]

Forming Your Inner Circle


Many people can point to influential teachers who had a significant impact on their lives and the direction of their careers. From early childhood through college, teachers have the ability to help students learn and to establish good habits that will serve them well beyond the classroom. But does learning end when a career begins? […]

Teaching Lessons for Leaders


  Great teachers are not always those who know the most. They are those who know how to communicate what they know best. Of course, if they are the most knowledgeable on a subject AND they have great communication skills, there are amazing results for those they teach. Why is this? It is because teaching […]

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