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Job interviews are not exactly on anyone’s bucket list. But they are a necessary part of a good hiring process. While the word “interview” can be intimidating for many (including the interviewer!), it is really about having a conversation to determine whether the position and the person are a good match. In that sense, as […]

Four Facets of the Interview Process

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Which type are you? One of the fascinating things about working with Strengths Assessments is that, in the realm of four types of characteristic strengths, there are also combinations of those four in varying degrees that unlock the key to who a person truly is at the core. In other words, who you are at […]

What is Your Name?


You may recall the movie, The Blind Side, based on the true life story of Michael Oher. One of the most compelling dialogues in the movie was this: Coach Cotton: “What did you say to him?” Sandra Bullock (as Leigh Anne Tuohy): “You should get to know your players, Bert. He tested 98 percent in […]

Three Important Steps to Create Your Winning Team


In previous articles, we have talked about strengths-based planning and strengths-based execution. In this article, we focus on strengths-based leadership. How is strengths-based leadership compared to other types of leadership? It is based on the idea that each person on your team is a leader in their own realm. The old model of the leader […]

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