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Over the past several decades, and with more women taking places in leadership positions, an interesting and added facet of business has taken hold. It is the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ). Essentially, it is the idea of bringing both head AND heart to business – logic and a level of intuition when it comes […]

Five Key Elements of the Intelligence Equation

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For a recent client project, we are doing extensive strengths assessment around the topic of sales. “I am not a sales person!” you may be thinking. Think again. The fact is, we ALL sell on a daily basis. We sell products or services, and we sell ideas. If you communicate with anyone during the day, […]

Two Facets of a Sale

Leadership In Action

Recently, I, Deb Ingino, a dyed-in-the-wool New York native who says things like “Lon-GUY-Land”, dared to go where few of my species would ever venture to explore. I attended the Grand Ole Opry. And here’s the part that still has my family staring at me as if they have just seen a UFO…I actually enjoyed […]

The Lesson I Learned from the Grand Ole Opry

Leadership In Action

What is the number one goal of your business this year? You may mention any number of specifics, but from a high level perspective, all success-focused business fundamentally have one common goal: Maximum Impact How you achieve maximum impact is dependent upon many factors. Some you cannot control – environmental and economic factors, for example. […]

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