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Thirteen years ago, I began a journey that would lead me out of a very rewarding corporate career and into the relatively unknown world of business as an entrepreneur. At the time, I had no idea where it would lead, only that it was a journey I needed to take. As most entrepreneurs do in […]

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  As a leader, you are a change activator. In your necessary quest to improve, grow, and strengthen an organization, you will frequently find the need for change. But what if your team is resistant to change? This is when you must become a change activator. How you do this comes not from edicts from […]

Leaders as Change Activators


  Some people are naturally gifted with the power of persuasion. You can spot them easily in a crowd. They are usually surrounded by a group of people listening intently to what they are saying. They suggest an action, and people naturally follow through with them to carry it out. Leading people to action comes […]

How You Can Learn to be an Influential Leader


  One often-overlooked and understated role of a leader is gauging and protecting the energy and well-being of the team. The fact is, as a leader, you rely on your team’s energy and overall well-being. Their energy is the driving force for achieving goals and moving objectives forward. No energy, no forward movement. Hard skills […]

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