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Where do many businesses start? Probably with a statement similar to this: “I don’t like being told what to do, so I’m going to start a business, where I can be my own boss.” This, essentially, means they value freedom. And while they may relish not having a “boss,” they will very quickly realize there […]

Identifying Your Leadership Panel

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  It was early 1942. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor just weeks before, America had been drawn swiftly into World War II. Life, as Americans knew it, was changing fast. The Shift Soldiers, from large cities and small towns alike, volunteered to defend their country. But World War II wasn’t just fought on the […]

Five Ways to Shift into New and Higher Levels


  It is my privilege to work with businesses of all sizes, from large corporate entities to self-employed startups to non-profit organizations. Though the focus and scale of each business is different, at a core level, there are seven areas that are “make or break” for any business. Principles Good business principles are the foundation […]

The 7 Make or Break P’s of Business-Part 1


  Click this link to listen Click here if you’d like to purchase Darryl’s book. Podcast Guest Darryl Lyons CEO Pax Financial Group   As CEO and co-founder of the PAX Financial Group, Darryl Lyons has been a licensed professional in the financial services industry since 1999.   A lifelong Texan, Darryl began his […]

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