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“I’m not good at sales.” This is the lament of many who do not have a natural gift for persuasion. It is also an excuse for not selling. And yet, everyone has to “sell” something. Whether it is selling their team on a new idea, selling a prospective employer on why they are the best […]

Are You Asking the Wrong Question When It Comes to Sales?

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As a leader, you have no doubt noticed the old school sales models don’t always work in today’s customized and individualized market. It’s not enough for a sales person to make the sale. It is more about making the sale that best fits the customer. Let’s face it, from cars to mobile phones to services […]

Sales by Styles – 4 Ways to Tailor Your Approach


For a recent client project, we are doing extensive strengths assessment around the topic of sales. “I am not a sales person!” you may be thinking. Think again. The fact is, we ALL sell on a daily basis. We sell products or services, and we sell ideas. If you communicate with anyone during the day, […]

Two Facets of a Sale

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