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Business leaders are conditioned, either by nature or by culture, to major on productivity. There is relentless pressure to always be striving for greater results, higher income, better profit margin, and higher levels of achievement. Competition can be fierce in today’s business world; and if you are not moving ahead aggressively, you are falling behind […]

Leadership Productivity and Balance

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In science, there is an interesting dynamic. It is the law of expansion and contraction, the process that happens when matter is affected by outside forces. For example, when you heat water to a certain point, it expands and turns to steam. When you cool it down, it turns to liquid – or even ice. […]

The 2-Part GOALS Formula


Collaboration is a corporate buzzword these days, and for good reason. At the root, it means “co-laboring” or “working together.” This is the essence of teamwork – it is a point to which individuals come together to work as one team. This requires the following elements: 1. Individuals Let’s use the analogy of space, for […]

Four Elements of Collaboration


Imagine you are at a dinner party or a networking event. Through the course of the evening, you ask several people, “What do you do?” If you observe carefully, you will notice that many define themselves as, “I work for so and so or such and such a company.” Or they may say, “I am […]

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