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  Mark Cole, CEO of Maxwell Leadership, issued a profound statement in a recent podcast. He said, “The people you’re leading have capacity. They also have limitations.” Great leadership comes in knowing how to help your people reach their full potential, and it also requires dealing with limitations. The capacity and limitations are not only […]

Leadership Lessons on Capacity and Limitations

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  Think about the successes you have had in life. It is likely that two things occurred to get you there. One is that you had to do something hard or challenging first. And the second is that you didn’t give up. You went one more step. That’s what this podcast with my mentor, John […]

The Power of One More by Ed Mylett


  In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, the topic of discussion was influence.  And John C. Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” What specific character traits lend themselves to influence? Listen in as Chris Goede and Perry Holley review Brian Tracy’s 10 Qualities of Influential People. As you go through the podcast, […]

10 Influential Character Traits


  Good movies have patterns: heroes and villains; good and evil; obstacles and overcoming. Leaders often see the need to be the heroes in a story. Newsflash! If you’re a good leader, you know that you are truly not the hero in the story of your business or organization. You know that the true heroes […]

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