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  “We need rules around here!” It became an endeared family saying, etched into memories that echo through now silent hallways with smiles and laughter. It started when the grandfather got to be older, and people began trying to make decisions for him or interfere with the way he wanted things to be done. Having […]


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  “Why are you leaving? You have played such an important role on our team.” This conversation is indicative of a leader with a blind spot. How is it that highly qualified and productive team members leave organizations? It is very often not about the money or the position to which they are moving. It […]

Are You an Inclusive Leader or an Exclusive Leader?


  It is that time of year, the time when most company leaders face the annually dreaded challenge of employee performance reviews. It is actually a shared dread, as employees look forward to the process even less than their leaders do. According to Gallup, “only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them […]

Is it Time to Challenge the Performance Review Process?


According to Gallup, “An alarming 70% of American employees aren’t working to their full potential, and they’re slowing economic growth.” But Gallup also discovered that “organizations with an average of 9.3 engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee in 2010-2011 experienced 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) compared with their competition.” If you’re looking for […]

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