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  There are cycles in a year where a certain type of energy prevails. Fall, for example, statistically brings the highest levels of productivity. Summertime is more a time of relaxed activity and creativity. As leaders, it behooves us to pay attention to the energy of ourselves and our people and to plan accordingly for […]

How to Start the New Year with a New Mindset

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The word “curator” has a couple of interesting meanings. One on hand, the one we’re most familiar with, it is used to describe the person who cares for the artifacts in a museum. The museum curator carefully selects valuable pieces to showcase and share, and takes special care to protect that value. On the other […]

Curate Your Year

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 Five Days This is what is left of 2012 – just five more days.     Though I begin planning for the new year early in the fall, I like to take the last few days of the year to reflect.   Some years are good, some are – shall we say – challenging.  They […]

Five Days


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