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This series covers the 12 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurs. Click here to view previous articles. Habit #3 – Tenacity Tenacity is forged in the crucible of affliction. Expressed as a formula, the order is this: Affliction + Crucible = Tenacity Entrepreneurs who make it past the startup phase and those who find success over the […]

12 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurs-Habit 3

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  “Where do I find people who want to work?” “How do I get people to do what needs to be done?” The real question here is, “How do I, as a leader, motivate people?” In a recent Maxwell Leadership podcast, my mentor, John Maxwell identifies three characteristics of motivational leaders. Every leader should use […]

The Leader’s Motivational Checklist


  As a leader, you are a change activator. In your necessary quest to improve, grow, and strengthen an organization, you will frequently find the need for change. But what if your team is resistant to change? This is when you must become a change activator. How you do this comes not from edicts from […]

Leaders as Change Activators


  Collaboration is a word that literally means “the act of laboring together.” It is a buzzword of this era. Yet, with all its focus, it is still one of the greatest challenges leaders face in the workplace today. “My team can’t seem to get along.” “I have a team member who is constantly causing […]

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