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In previous articles of this mini-series, we have talked about planning well, finishing well, and giving well. As the new year beckons on the doorstep, there is one other important aspect to wrap up a year (and a quarter), and this is preparing well.   What does it mean to prepare well? You have planned […]

Preparing Well

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  Several decades ago, there were essentially only two means of communication in business – mail and phones. When it came to business, these represented the two forms of intake. The pace of business was measured in days or months. But then came the fax machine, a device now nearly antiquated, which effectively changed the […]

The Speed of Business


  The fourth quarter of each year brings a mixture of reflection, planning, and high activity for companies and individuals, as it should. But what if you could take that fourth quarter focus and turn it into year-round success? The good news is…you can! Consider what you do as a leader in the fourth quarter. […]

Fourth Quarter Focus to Year-round Success


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